Thursday, May 16, 2013

Philly High School To Be Profiled On ABC's World News

ABC's national news anchor Diane Sawyer will be profiling Philadelphia's Strawberry Mansion High School during her nightly World News program. Strawberry Mansion high school has been well documented for being one of the most violent schools in the city of Philadelphia over the past few years. Diane Sawyer will attempt to shead light on what it's like to attend Mansion as a student and employee, during her "Hidden America" series. Based on stats utilized by ABC, Strawberry Mansion High has been characterized as "one of the most dangerous schools in the country for the last five years." According to a recent Inquirer news report "Strawberry Mansion had more than 10 violent incidents per 100 students in each of the past five years." Strawberry Mansion was one of the schools scheduled to be closed by the district but was spared because of community support to keep the school open. You can watch the story Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30pm on ABC.


  1. They can't wait to shed negative light on the Philadelphia school district smh. I will be checking this out tonight because im curious to hear what Sawyer has to say.

  2. !!!! Bullshit !!Sandy Hook,Boston Marathon ,Etc... Illegal guns in the hands of Black males is not "Hidden America."THIS AN EXAMPLE OF MANUFACTURED CONSENT !!!

    RUN TELL THAT!!!Somebody is plotting and planning on Strawberry Mansion....

    First you create a negative, then you close the BAD SChool... Why are the adults who represent the NEIGHBORHOOD allowing this violence in a school? WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS COMING FROM ? NOT TO BE ANSWERED!!!! AS A BIRDWATCHING CENTER IS BEING PROPOSED,WE GET THIS STORY-WOW !!!