Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

Soo this news has made headlines on just about every sports network. Early today ESPN reported the Philadelphia Eagles have officially hired  49 year-old Charles "Chip" Kelly as their head coach. Chip Kelly who's resume reads as a former college coach for the Oregon Ducks, going 46-7 while coaching and just recently defeating Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Kelly is well known for his offensive mind and he was able to do a lot of crafty trick with his formations and sets.

The Eagles organization have had their eye on Kelly for some time. The fact that he had decided to return to Oregon only delayed the hiring process. However, we now see that Chip has changed his mind again from being a duck to a eagle(lol).

Now we shall wait to hear the public's response, being that the firing of Andy Reid was such an emotional roller coaster. Many wanted Andy to be relieved of his duties while some appreciated his winning seasons. Fans have voiced there views of bringing in a defensive mind coach who could get back to the Buddy Ryan style of play. But, after a losing season, a quarterback controversy and some rowdy fans Chip has his work cut out for him.

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