Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lost Tracks: Red Cafe "Heart & Soul of New York City"

Soo in this new added segment titled lost track. We look to post some good authentic hip-hop music that never made it to the mainstream media nor probably your ears. The hip-hop game originated on the streets and will always have a home there. Some tracks are just made to vibrate beneath the surface, being that this culture is best in its pure form.

Red Cafe is talented street artist who has been in the game since the late 90s working effortlessly to to attract mainstream appeal. It has been rumored that he has been steady ghost writer for some rappers including P-Diddy. Still, its no secret that the guy has the talent to emerge as a top artist in today's game.

In arguably one of his most well written songs titled Heart & Soul of New York City, Cafe gets detailed and descriptive as pays tribute to all the success that has coming outta New York. He names many true hip-hop MCs as well as prominent entertainers. The video was able to capture the essence of New York street basketball and feature a few a few characters named in the song

Check Out The Video Below:

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