Monday, December 10, 2012

Allen Iverson Blames Wife For Home Foreclosure

Soo now a days it would appear that the "Answer" is searching for all the facts that could help him with his financial woes.  Reports from TMZ have that Iverson is facing foreclosure for his $4.5 million dollar home in Atlanta. The mansion was set to be auctioned off on December 4th 2012, due to Iverson's default on a $1.2 million mortgage.  The auction has since been postponed being that Iverson has filed a lawsuit against the mortage lender.

Allen Iverson Atlanta Mansion
Iverson states in the lawsuit that it was his wife Tawanna who signed off on the mortgage without his consent, with knowledge that he could not meet the financial demands.  Allen is claiming that his wife is vindictive and this is her revenge plot to screw him over.  Sounds like this heated battle wont die down anytime soon.

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