Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time To "Push": 2012 Election Day

Soo the most anticipated day of the year has finally arrived. An array of mixed emotions has filled the air. Today will decide who shall be the face of the nation. The Democratic and Republican Party has been busy with campaigns and advertisements for the last several months to either sway your vote or retain it. Who shall it be?

President Barrack Obama or contender Mitt Romney? Both have stated there claims as to why he is the man for the job. While it would appear that the edge has been giving to Obama, this race seems like it will go down to the wire. Judging off of presentation and past experience Obama just maybe more qualified for the position. However many Americans now seem to have doubts about Obama's ability to strengthen the economy and are looking to give Romney a chance.

If you have a voice and opinion on the matter you still play key component in the outcome of this race. It is still up to you to go to the booths(if you are eligible) and "Push" the button for your candidate. The strength is still in the numbers, so if we can all collectively make an attempt to "Push" for our chosen leader then we will definitely have an impact on the results.

On this day Im Just Saying supports the efforts of Barrack Obama, so we ask that you join us and "Push" to see Obama in office for another term of presidency.

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