Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Common

Soo its that time again, where we shine the spotlight on true MCs who take pride in telling stories through their music. Common is definitely one of those rappers who can paint a picture with his words. This particular story is unique is its own right being that Common breaks the story down over 3 different tracks. Each track has its own original production with features from Black Thought and Q-Tip. The story titled Stolen Moments can be found on arguably Common's most creative album One Day It Will All Make Sense.

In Stolen Moments, Common is the victim of a brutal house robbery. He returns home from an out of town show only to find that his home had been raided and robbed. Filled with confusion, and anger Common quickly starts to recap all his movements and interactions days before he went out of town. He is able to give all of his thoughts in a scattered but detailed manner as the case unfolds. Listen to part 1 below.
Now fully committed to identifying the culprit Common feels has to dig deep for answers, leaving no rock unturned. He expresses that everyone that he has called a friend or come in contact with is a suspect. He is missing a few valuable items that could be used as clues should they turn up in another's possession. All he has to go on is...used dishes in the sink and a smoked blunt in the ash tray(lol). Listen to part 2 below.

Similar to Colombo and Sherlock Holmes, Common appears to have a precise long term memory. You can tell he is close to solving this mystery. In the midst of coversation and deliberation there is one item that is presented, which leads to his culprit. Listen to part 3 below.

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