Monday, November 12, 2012

Lakers Hire D'Antoni As New Head Coach

A 1-4 start to the season, marked the end, for now "former" LA Lakers head coach Mike Brown. Although Brown had arguably the best starting five in the NBA, he was unable to produce a cohesive group on the court. Now former New York Knicks  head coach Mike D'Antoni, gets a crack at managing this team. It is well documented that current Laker PG Steve Nash best basketball was played while D'Antoni coached him with the Suns. Most Lakers fans obvious choice to take over for Brown, would have been former head coach Phil Jackson. Jackson is said to be "stunned" by the teams decisions to hire D'Antoni and reportedly would have accepted a contract on Monday. Kobe Bryant is reportedly on board with the decision to hire D'Antoni and is said to be "excited" about the change. Kobe was visibly upset with Browns coaching and at the end of a recent game, gave Mike Brown the infamous "Death Stare." Will D'Antoni be the guy to take the "Lake Show" back to the promise land??? Check out the video of a visibly frustrated Bryant, stare at Mike Brown after another loss from poor coaching decision.

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