Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cee Lo Green Accused of Sexual Battery With the Use of Ecstasy

Soo these allegations might come as a surprise to some. According to TMZ, Cee Lo Green has been accused by an unnamed woman of rape without her consent. Taking place in Los Angeles, California this anonymous woman claimed that Cee Lo slipped an ecstasy pill into her drink, and  later she woke up next to him naked.

The woman feels she has a strong case being that she secretly recorded a conversation after the incident, where she believes that Cee Lo admits to his slipping of the pill, and engaging in sex with her. Reports have it that those who have heard the taping, say that Cee Lo never directly admits he put it in her drink. He said that he thought it would help them have an "exciting time together."

Cee Lo has already come to his defense stating that if the taping had pure evidence, that he would have been arrested by now.

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