Thursday, November 15, 2012

50 Cent Now Licensed To Promote Boxing In Nevada

50 Cent's wish to become a boxing promoter in Nevada has been granted. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has approved Curtis Jackson for a license to promote professional boxing events in the state. Since all the major fights take place in Las Vegas, Fifty needed this approval to become a factor in the boxing promotion world. Jackson received his promoter license from New York state back in July. Fifty recently announced that he was no longer associated with Floyd Mayweather and "The Money Team" promotions. It is reported that Fifty left (TMT) because Mayweather never paid his half toward the partnership. Some feel like Curtis used Floyd Mayweather to gain knowledge into the boxing promotion industry. Now that Fifty has branched off with his own promotion company, the relationship between himself and Mayweather has deteriorated. Curtis will now conduct his boxing business under SMS promotions with his top fighter being up and comer Yuriorkis Gamboa. Can 50 Cent become the new "Don King" of the boxing world???


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