Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel

Soo I'm sure the story that's being told here is all too familiar to many. These two rappers obviously shared the same pain at the time, and they found a clever way to express themselves on the issue. Yes what we have here is another dosage of pure hip-hop, two artist being able to lead their audience on an emotional roller coaster while their vocals blend with the melody.

Beanie takes the lead on this track, talking to his biological father directly and telling him how he was directly affected in his absence. As always Beanie gives his true emotions on the track, which sounded like more anger then disappointment. He shares incidents of embarrassment while he watched his mother struggle to provide for he and his siblings. To witness domestic abuse only seems to hardened his heart and severe the connection between Beanie and his father.
Jay-Z then immediately follows up with his version of abandonment. While he too is angered and upset, he expresses his feelings a little different. Jigga starts off his story with admiration, indicating that he is truly disappointed that his father could not be present full time. The lack of finances seemed to light a fire in Jigga as he rose to the head of the house hold. Jigga ends his tale with a proud projection of perseverance. Listen to the track below.

As truthful as it may have been, the song received some negative attention. From the direction taken on part two, it would appear that the public felt that both artists were too harsh in their delivery. To clear the air Jay and Beanie collaborated again, to speak to their fathers about the damaged relationships. This time, there was an attempt to show some love and appreciation for just having a father period. The anger and disappointment still seeps through the song, showing that resentment will always linger at the core. Only this time they indicate that a repair on the relationship is possible. Listen to part two below.

In conclusion, we felt that both testimonies were good for the public ears. Many can relate and identify with the same pain. We can only hope that all in these positions, would chose a better a path should too chose to start a family. The ironic thing here is that, these two men shared a painful bond and was able to put their minds together to tell a compelling story. How is that now these two Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel have no relationship??

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