Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Eric B & Rakim

Soo What's on your mind? We ask because this is the rhetorical question being analyzed in this article. We turned to a rapper who arguably one of the greatest of all time. Rakim was able to relate to all listeners whether street bound or highly sophisticated. It was his precise delivery that allowed him to move the crowd.

In one of his more softer songs What's On Your Mind, Rakim tells a romantic story of his relationship with a young woman with whom he had met randomly on the streets of Brooklyn. While his initial approach was sincere and open, the young woman's was the exact opposite. She rejected his conversation and made it clear that she was not interested. Playing hard to get is common is this game of cat and mouse, for the woman now has a change of heart and is in pursuit of her pursuer. Rakim gladly accepts and the two engage into a union that seems to go beyond physical pleasure. He expresses the urge to make love to her mind.
Its obvious that Rakim was looking for a mental connection with someone so he could share his thoughts and daily troubles. He was only hoping that she was able to be on the same level.  Listen to the story below.

In conclusion, this tale could serve as inspiration being that many relationships seem to falter due to the physical connection. Just how important is mental connection to you??  Im Just Saying


  1. In my opinion building a concrete foundation is key to any relationship. The physical aspect to a bond is a perk. When people can be open and share their thoughts and feel confident that there is no judgment a bond begins. Learning someone physically is never as difficult as learning what's going on in someones head. Even though actions speak louder then words some actions can be misleading and even confuse the interpreter. All to often people get caught up because the physical is all they explore verses the mental, emotional and spiritual of an individual. But in all actuality learning a persons inside makes enjoying there outside all the better... And hopefully would create a bond that is capable of lasting a lifetime...

  2. Yes.. Rakim was definitely on of the greats..This song only proved he was before his time he cared to share his mental thoughts on this one Connection was deep