Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Billy Paul

Soo in this edition of storytelling we decided to dig deep for a musical story that could represent passion, and controversy at the same time. The controversy comes in, as many listeners in the old school community debate over the true meaning of this song... Me and Mrs. Jones performed by Billy Paul.

To most the song was a sweet confession given by Billy Paul, he starts off to tell the audience that he and Mrs. Jones had a thing going. The fact that he labels her as Mrs. may indicate that she was older, and yes even married making the experience appear to be a sneaky naughty pleasure. Billy seems to express joy at the thought of meeting her daily for the connection is oh so strong. But for every high comes a low and Billy goes as far to say he feels physical pain upon their departure. Hmmnnnn

Now we take the perspective from the listeners who just may have the ability to decode the message that was displayed here. To begin, the term "Jonesing" was always tied to drug addicts in their craving state. It has been theorized that Billy was not singing about an affair with a woman, but yet his battle with heroine addiction. Should you now go back and analyze the lyrics, you may find some phrases that support this theory. He says that they have to be extra careful that they don't build up their hopes too high, implicating the danger of an overdose. He adds that it hurts soo much inside when they depart, implications of withdrawal.  The cry of an individual who has been under control of one of the worlds most powerful drugs. Listen up below and see if you identify who Mrs. Jones really is.

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