Sunday, September 2, 2012

Men of Expression: Beaten By Love

Soo we would like to introduce a new segment to the site titled Men of Expression, its a collection of personal thoughts that certain men have put to together to shed light on certain topics. Most topics may appear to go against the norm as they are the direct feelings of men, who want to challenge certain stereotypes. Greg McClain is our first writer, and his goal is to open the door on an issue that doesn't seem to get any attention.

Beaten By Love is the written expression on how men can speak on physical and emotional abuse they may have endured within their relationship with a woman, be it past or current. There is a man somewhere at this moment who is locked up for domestic violence towards a woman. There is no excuse for such action towards a woman rather it be physically or mentally.

At this point I would like to discuss men who have experienced abuse by woman. Some will laugh, others will say these men just need to man up. Many will say he brought it on himself by allowing this to happen. To imply this means, men are less content to have feelings and emotions than a woman. This is crazy! Think about it ,as a man having to be quiet about their abuse of fear of appearing weak in the eyes of society. Such as, feeling rejected and unwanted with low self esteem.

This issue is being placed at a all time low to lose your confidence as a man. Who can they turn to and talk about this matter? Can a man even acknowledge that they're in an abusive relationship? Where is their support and education to deal with these issues? This was not a letter to downplay the abuse that woman go through , but to put out that they're are men who go through the same thing. (ABUSE HAS NO GENDER BE IT MALE OR FEMALE!)

Please share you thoughts with us in the comment section. Feel free to share all your ideas, for no topic is untouchable. Im Just Saying.


  1. Wow who was ready for this! Yes men do get abused especially when they are in a poor financial situation. Women are more financially set these days. And they will remind u every nite. If u are not progressing at their desired level

  2. Not sure about this one lol. I will admit the article did allow me to entertain the idea. I was raised to think, a man can handle it all. and show no pain or emotion...Maybe thats not fair hmmnnn lol


  4. Unfortunately I know this all to well. Being the physical abuser in a relationship with the man I still love. He provided and I emasculated him because he would not allow me the time to gather my thoughts. He would follow me around in attempt to resolve whatever issue that was at hand. He was/is never less then a man in my eyes because I would get angry to the point that I couldn't keep my hands to myself. It was only when I realized that I had four little people watching what was going on and exhibiting an attitude that this was all normal that it cane too a stop... I believe there are support groups for all abused people male, female or child. It not right for anyone to suffer any type of abuse.. I can honestly say for myself its not true that once an abuser always an abuser. Communication is key and of two people can't communicate without hurting one another then both parties souls seek counseling. Both separately and as a family... Especially if there are children involved... One last thing I've witnessed abuse as a child. And suffered some mental and emotional abuse growing up. And yes it is a vicious cycle. One that I hope I've been able to stop here because I realized I had a problem and got help.... Long winded and a run on bit I'm posting this from my phone...

  5. I definitely think this is a great topic for ongoing discussion, education, and awareness. Men coping with domestic violence is a serious issue and because society places the concept of what a man is suppose to be, do , feel, and tolerate. This issue is left unaddressed. Men feel too, hurt too, and are going through a lot as well. Many don't express it because it is not "what men do". Thanks for putting this topic in the limelight. I look forward to reading future articles.