Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Cam'ron

Soo in this edition of storytelling we chose an artist who definitely has the lyrical ability to give lessons through his music. Cam'ron a Harlem native, who maybe most known for his cocky flamboyant style proved that he thinks on a deeper level than what he advertises.

We dug deep on this one, going back to Cam's first album Confession of Fire. The song is titled D-Rugs and its very touching and compelling in my opinion. Cam instantly opens up on his feelings about his mother and her addiction to drugs. He refers to drugs(crack) as a man named D-Rugs, who has started to date his mother and aunt, and he has brought nothing but devastation, pain and frustration. Cam speaks from the position of a child who witnessed a traumatic situation at a young age.

The story takes another turn when Cam himself gets introduced to D-Rugs from one of his friends. He quickly finds that if he exploits and sells him, cash money is sure to follow. Although Cam witnessed his mother struggle with her addiction, he soon develops his own with the same man.
Listen to the audio below.

In conclusion, the story was a great message to the youth. Explaining both sides of drug addiction from the user to the seller. One line states "We both were arrested stars of the block, her by cardiac, me by the cops" Both individuals were tempted and consumed by the false illusion that crack cocaine presented. In the end D-Rugs only brought destruction to the family.

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