Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old School Flow: Joey Bada$$

Soo from the sounds of it, Hip-Hop just may have a pulse again. Lately the underground has been buzzing about a 17-year old emcee named Joey Bada$$. Coming straight outta Brooklyn, the kid definitely has done his homework on the roots of authentic Hip-Hop. The style reminds you of the era of 90's when the culture embraced originality. A time when emcees took the time to perfect their craft. Yes a time when it was okay to be yourself.  Joey tells his story of a teenager growing up on the streets New York , his values seem to differ from most rappers today.

He recently released a mixtape titled 1999, where he lets the audience on his perspective as a teenager. On some songs, such as Waves you may find yourself comparing to CL Smooth or Q-Tip. Instead you get a full dosage of heavy word play. With some notable production from MF DOOM, J Dilla and Lord Finesse the mixtape below deserves some attention.

As always a breathe of fresh air is always welcomed. True Hip-Hop shall always shine through for the rap game now is ailing. We need more artists to be true to themselves and get back to Art itself...Im Just Saying

Check Out The Video Below.


  1. Yo this kid is the truth....as another young artist/producer this kid is on his shit!!!

    Mel you stay putting up great posts brotha!!

  2. Youngn hot, niggaz gotta start embracing real hip-hop.