Sunday, August 5, 2012

Andy Reid's Son Garrett Reid Found Dead...

Soo this news is about as bad as it gets for a parent. Early this morning Philadelphia Eagle Head Coach Andy Reid learned that his oldest son Garrett Reid was found dead at the Lehigh University practice facility. Police at Lehigh stated that they made the 911 call at 7:20am, when Garrett was found in his dormitory room.

There are no confirmed reports for cause of death, but already rumors have started to surface that his death could have been drug related. He and his brother both were arrested on drug charges in 2007, while Garrett was in and out of prison in 2009. Coach Reid did not show for practice today, Assistants Marty Mornhinweg and Juan Castillo will be in charge of the team until he returns.

Garrett was viewed as part of the team being that Andy has been with the team for so long. From the owner Jeffrey Lurie down to the players, Garrett Reid will be missed.

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  1. Sad story here. RIP Garrett Reid