Monday, August 6, 2012

Aaliyah ft. Drake – Enough Said (Official Audio)

Drake has taken it upon himself to resurrect one of the most talented songstress of our time. Drake is rumored to be the "executive producer" for the late Aaliyah's new album."Enough Said" will be the first single from the album. The track also features Drake and was produced by  Noah "40" Shebib. Super-producer Timberland is said to not be on board with this project. If this is true, is Drake wrong for not receiving Timberland and Missy's permission to make such a record and or album??? Drake should be collaborating with Aaliyah's former team and should have received some form of approval. Check out the track below and leave us your opinion.


  1. I like the track. but cmon drake u not working with Timberland??? That is funny $$$