Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wish You Were Still Here...Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley(74) passed away yesterday from natural cause in his Texas home. The Philadelphia native Hemsley was famous for his role as "George Jefferson," from the 70's "The Jeffersons" sitcom. Many might not know that "The Jeffersons" characters were initially from the 70's sitcom "All In The Family." Two years later after their initial appearance on "All In The Family," the "The Jeffersons" got its own spin-off sitcom. Hemsley also enjoyed fame as church deacon Ernest Frye, on the 80's sitcom "Amen." As one of the first African-American television actors, Hemsley paved the way for generations of minority actors to follow. We here at Im Just Saying pay our respects to Mr. Hemsley... Wish You Were Still Here

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