Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nas "Bye Baby"(Official Audio)

Soo now we get to hear how Nas feels about his divorce from Kelis. Bye Baby was just released and while it somewhat dramatic, it definitely lets you know some of the details of the marriage. The track was produced by Salaam Remi and Drake's longtime friend and producer Noah "40" Shebib.  Its no secret that Nas still cares for his wife, as he holds her wedding dress on his album.

As always Nas does not follow the format of modern hip hop. He seems to always stay true to his music by creating his own lane and expressing how he feels regardless of the content. Yes he has embraced freedom of speech(lol). On this track, he reveals that he felt Kelis had some trust issues stemming from her Father's infidelity with her mother. Thus leading to hostile arguments in the relationship.

Nas and Kelis wedding day
Still Nas finds good things to say about his Ex, proudly speaking of the spunky energy she always provided. Here he tells us that he is grateful for their son, but their union as a couple has been broken and he has moved on. He does not sound bitter as he admits he willing to try marriage again, if he can choose the right one.

Check out the audio below.

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