Monday, July 16, 2012

Must Be The Music: Radio Syheem

Soo some say the music has become a way of life, giving inspiration and meaning to one's journey. This particular journey began on the streets of Philadelphia, where one artist has expressed his true passion for creating music.

Born Syheem Wright, Radio Syheem was influenced at a young age by the golden era of Hip-Hop and R&B in the late 80's and early 90's. He devoted most of his time listening to the authenticity of the artists of that time, hoping to find a lane that he could drive in alone. Finally, in 2010 Syheem began recording at the age of 26, introducing a style of charisma and aggression. He formed a group titled UFO's which features J.Ford and Steel Lo. The group has worked hard to maintain their hardcore image and the buzz has grown allowing the them to perform in various venues throughout the city.

Syheem released his first mixtape in the summer of 2011 titled Radio, where listeners could get a feel of his Hip-Hop roots. Not satisfied with just creating the music, Syheem look to present it as well. In 2012 he began directing, editing and filming all music videos he was a part of. Once again he was able to line the vision up with the story, giving viewers a look from his perspective.

His latest project(image above) was a mixtape titled BoomBox released on July 6th 2012. The mixtape features The UFO's and picks up right where Radio left off.
To get more information you can contact Syheem @RadioSyheem and check out his YouTube channel at 215UFO.

Check out the video below filmed and directed by Radio Syheem.

Check out the audio below featuring RadioSyheem, Killa Khy and Phul Moon titled No Way Out. The track can be found on Syheem's latest mixtape BoomBox.


  1. The production on No way out was right. The first emcee road the track right.. Yall still finding talent... Cool

    1. That was me Radio Syheem first on the No Way Out track. Thanks bro I appreciate that. Stay tuned for more material I just dropped my mixtape on datpiff called Boombox.

  2. Not bad...Rappers need to be multi-talented these days