Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chris Tucker To Play Smokey In Last Friday Movie

It seems as though Ice Cube has convinced Chris Tucker to play "Smokey" again for the final "Friday" installment. We now have a official name and movie poster floating around on the internet for the previously confirmed "Friday 4" project. The movie will be named "Last Friday" and according to the poster the film will include Tucker. Ice Cube confirmed in March that he was working on the script for the film, and the role of "Smokey" would be included. At that time Cube stated that he had talked with Chris Tucker about reprising the role of Smokey, but Tucker was reluctant because of religious beliefs. Mike Epps (Day-Day) and Katt Williams (Money Mike) are also confirmed to be apart of the film. On paper this movie has the making to be as good as the original. We will have to wait until December 2013 to find out. We will provide a trailer for the film when one becomes available.

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