Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: MC Lyte

Soo on this segment we chose a female artist who definitely knew how to rock a microphone. MC Lyte is arguably the greatest female rapper of our time. Her talent stood out and matched up well with the male artist in her era. Her aggressive flow highlighted her delivery, while the lyrical content never disappointed.

Lyte's single Poor Georgie was Hip Hop at its finest. She was able to get personal with her audience, letting us in on her soft feminine side along with how she felt about finding someone special. She explained that she was indeed attracted to a man named Georgie, and would follow his lead, only if he was able to treat her as a lady at all times. George was mentioned as a ladies man, but Lyte was willing to accept this. She even mentioned "I don't care about the other girls, just be good to me." Thus showed that she was not naive to the game of relationships and would not tolerate disrespect.  She also shared that she was aware of Georgie's terminal illness(lung cancer) and his battle with alcoholism. A battle that he would eventually lose after a night of drinking and driving.

The song was also chosen because it did have some important messages. Lyte did her best to explain and forewarn about the consequences of drinking and driving. It appeared that she had lost someone close to her and she willing to share her pain, if it meant saving another life.  She did admit her regrets of not not speaking her true feelings while he was alive, maybe that can a lesson as well. Cherish and appreciate all of your loves ones while thy are living, because "No One Is Promised Tomorrow."

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