Monday, July 23, 2012

A Voice To A Jazzy Rhythm: Elle

Soo I believe the followers and supporters of Rhythm-and-Blues, shall accept and appreciate this contribution to the culture. This type type of sound is just what the game has been missing, a sound that is deep rooted and represents the passion in melody that all singers should possess.

Born in Ghana, singer Elle moved to Philadelphia when she was 3 and has resided there ever since.  Her interest in music started at a young age as she sang in the choir. Confident in her ability, she decided to devote all of her free time to enhance her vocals. Over the years she was able to develop a sound that hovers between the dramatic highs of Mariah Carey and the subtle shadings of Norah Jones. Determined to keep growing as an artist , she was drawn to the influence by her modern day favorites Alicia Keys and Corrine Bailey Rae.  Now well seasoned in her craft, Elle's music creates a blissful marriage of prose and melody that embraces your heart, and feeds your soul.

She released her first album back in 2008, titled Once Upon a Time. The songs were well received allowing Elle to establish a supportive fan base. She was recently added on Pandora radio (Click here to visit), giving listeners a chance to form their playlist from their favorite tracks. Her latest project is her hit single "Tired" where she softly expressed her emotions over a mixture of jazzy instruments. The video was shot on the streets of Philadelphia and was directed by Prince Rasheed.  Elle is now working on her next album, where she will continue to deliver her signature sound.

You can find Elle's music on: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, & all other Major Digital Music Stores, (Album-"Once Upon a Time" and new single "Tired")

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Check out the video below.


  1. wow an artist that can actually sing..

  2. Go Elle! Yes this looks cool!

  3. Yall stay finding new singers rappers drummers whats next? lol Nice piece she sounds polished, production was well done

  4. Sang most Friday nights for about 3 years as the opening act on the Main Stage in the Phoenixville Summer Music Series. She was always well received and always sounded good.