Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Urban-Songstress: Lei Row

Soo in this case, I think you can believe everything that you hear. This sound dares to jump in and out of the lanes of expressional music, meanwhile maintaining that urban but retro flavor. The voice you are soon to be exposed to belongs to Lei Row, A jazzy entertainer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who's electric energy can be felt once she turns her mic on. While attending college at Millersville University Lei never lost sight of her vision to become a top contributor in the music/entertainment industry. She stayed tuned into all the influential artists over time such as Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye to learn the basic steps it takes to become a successul entertainer.

As a songwriter, Lei has written in different genres from R&B/soul, Pop, Electro, to Hip-Hop, and her resume includes work with various artists and producers from New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, France, and Washington-DC. As an artist, Lei has received national and international acclaim with her 2010 EP release “Lei Row presents Euphoria," which is available on CD-Baby, Amazon mp3, and iTunes.
Since the release of Euphoria, Lei has performed in various cities along the east coast including performances at renowned New York City nightclub “The Sugar Bar" owned by legendary Motown songwriting duo "Ashford & Simpson," and The Ebony Magazine & Pine Sol's "Sisterspeak Luncheon" in Philadelphia. In stage play she has performed in "Law & Disorder" and the "Miami Music Festival."
Lei recently signed up with the "Songs of Love" Foundation as a singer/songwriter. The "Songs of Love" is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. This act alone gives insight on her warm giving character, as she feels obligated to use her talent in the form of a service. 
To service and entertain has always been the main goal. Thus thinking has led Lei into the Disc Jockey(DJ) world, here she has expanded her talent to control the rhythm in the environment should you be present. She goes by the name DJ Woriel and she has had the luxury of working under some talented veterans in the game including Deejay Aktive Deejay Herk, Deejay BE, and DJ Alfdawg. Click Right Here to hear DJ Woriel spinning on the 1's and 2's(lol). Lei currently now has her hands full DJing, songwriting and singing. She has positioned herself to be recognized by the major record labels in the industry, along with continous effort and God-giving talent, you should be hearing alot from her in the near future.

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  1. Yall back with the new talent, cool cool. I like the sound when is the next performance? the mixtape cover was well done. #GoodLook

  2. Ms Lei Row! Yesss! Finally u getting there girl!

  3. This is cool...Never heard of this Artist before. I like the sound. Does she write all of her own music?

  4. Hey everyone .thx so. much for taking time out to check me out! And thx again to #IJS for the feature!!

    Anonymous: Yep, I write my own music; but I do collab with other songwriters from time-to-time. My song "In Love Again" that #IJS featured was written by me (with the exception of the rap verse which was written by rapper Mon E. Million$).

    J. Newman: yes I do have a show coming up. I am a feature in a "J. Dilla Tribute Show" on Saturday May 19th in Harrisburg, PA. I also hit up open mics sometimes in the Philly area.



    Twitter: @LeiRow

    Facebook: /LeiRow

  5. I like! she cares about her work keep working

  6. Hold on she really Djs? U gotta be multitalented these days to even enter the game Keep it Up Lei

  7. I went to school with this young lady. I didn't know you were a singer lol. She sounds really good. When are you performing in Philly again???

  8. HEY EVERYONE! I just confirmed to do a show in Philly on SATURDAY MAY 12th @ "Sigma Sound Studios" .. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON but in the meantime, #SAVETHEDATE !! :-)

  9. hey all .. i just got word that the show at "sigma sounds" is in the process of being rescheduled .. i will keep you posted!!

  10. Good stuff Lei, this is a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work.