Friday, March 2, 2012

Throwback Jamz: Geto Boys "Mind Playing Tricks On Me"

Soo we took this journey out to the Midwest, to remember a group that had a profound effect on many of your favorite rappers today. The Geto Boys received national attention with this particular single, being that it expressed some real physiological issues that many street hustlers can identify with. All three artists seemed to be in a battle with their conscious, as they are tormented with false illusions. Here on this track Scarface gave you a glimpse on he he really feels about his past. In his later music he revealed that he finally gave himself to God, making his second verse more real and heart felt. Willie D was scared if his bad deeds had caught up with him,while Bushwick Bill seemed to be horrified by a Stephen King movie he watched as a kid(lol).

Check out the video below to be reminded again of that real Old School Hip-Hop.


  1. Classic track!!! One of my all time favorites. "Last year holloween fell on a weekend... Me geto boys was tricka treatin" Yup!!!

  2. Yea I saw Scarface getting religious slowly...he truly is a pioneer in rap anybody who is somebody showed him respect

  3. great group def pioneers in the game