Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ice Cube Working On Friday 4 and N.W.A. Movies

Ice Cube has quietly built a solid "Hollywood" resume, with his acting and involvement in the production of films. With a number of movies under his belt, Cube recently announced during a interview that he is working on two more. Rumors of a "Friday 4"and the possibility of Chris Tucker (Smokey "Friday") being in the film were addressed by Cube. During a Shade 45 interview with Sway, Cube announced that he is currently working on a deal with "New Line Cinema" to produce "Friday 4." 

He also stated that he had reached out to Chris Tucker about resuming his role as "Smokey." Cube did not sound confident in landing Chris Tucker for the film, saying it may take a "great script" to get the veteran comedian's services. There are questions of Chris Tucker, being reluctant to take the role again because of religious beliefs. 

Ice Cube also announced that he is currently working on the "N.W.A." movie. From the late 80's to early 90's "N.W.A." was known as, the most controversial gansta rap group in hip-hop. The group consisted of DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and MC Ren. These guys did not want to conform to the "American way," and expressed themselves with their controversial lyrics. The film will hold sentimental value to Cube, being that he was a influential figure within the group. Cube stated during the interview that he was further along in the process, with the "N.W.A." movie than "Friday 4." 

Ice Cube has consistently delivered quality movies to his fans and I expect the same with his newest productions. Cubes confirmation of the two movies, will create high anticipation and a crowded box office in the future. Check out the interview below.


  1. If Ice Cube is able to convince Chris Tucker to be in Friday 4 the movie will be a instant classic

  2. Ice Cube is doing his this thing. production be stella

  3. The NWA movie should be a classic. The streets been waiting on a movie like this. Leave it to a "O.G." like Cube to get it done.

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