Friday, March 2, 2012

Google Invading Privacy With New Policy

Your personal information should be kept private but google doesn't think so. In a attempt to sell more advertisements, google will now be using your personal information to gather accurate data. The information that may be deemed an invasion of privacy, are people's google search and web address history. This may or may not concern you if you don't mind google tracking what websites you surf or info you obtain through their search engine. Google is able to obtain this information when you are logged into any of their online services. The change to the Google privacy policy went into effect yesterday, March 1st. You can protect yourself from your searches and web browsing becoming public information. Clearing your search and browsing history is a temporary fix, but you are allowed to change the privacy option in your google settings.

This news is very disturbing, as the average web browser is not aware that their where abouts on the web, are being tracked and utilized by Google. Moving forward the public must be aware of the use of their information on all google services: Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Docs.


  1. Damn this is news to me, I always try to stay secure online Is this legal??

  2. I most definitely agree that google should not be allowed to do this. Technology will be the downfall of man kind