Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who Are The Hottest MCs in THE GAME???

MTV has compiled a "top 10" list of artist, to determine who is/are the best rappers in the industry.   Many groups debate this same question everyday, as everyone has their personal favorites. From likes of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and T.I., to new school artist like Meek Mill and 2 Chains, everyone feels like their guy needs to be number one. Most agree that the rap game is not as pure as it was in the past. The makings of a hot MC nowadays rely more on street buzz than actual lyrical talent. MTV has already revealed the names of the rappers who appear from 10 through 6 on their top list. 

The names below are in order of their position on the current list:
10. Wale
9. Wiz Khalifa
8. Big Sean
7. Meek Mill
6. Jay-Z

The biggest surprise on the list so far is Jay-Z coming in at #6. The panelist argued that although Jay-Z is a all time great, he didn't have as big a year as the artist who will be revealed in the "top 5." Philly's own Meek Mill appears on the list at #7. The panelist were unanimous with their selection of the rising Philly artist. All agreeing that Meek is one of the hottest, if not the hottest rapper in "the game" right now. Also stating that Meek is a corner stone to Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group(MMG) label. Assuming that Rick Ross's name will appear in the top 5, that would give his MMG label three artist in the top 10. Automatically making them the best team talent wise in the industry. MTV will reveal the top 5 names on their "Hottest MCs in the Game VII" special tonight at 10:30 pm on MTV2. So who will be in the top 5 and eventually crowned the hottest MC in the game right now??? Make sure to tune into the MTV2 special tonight and as always leave us your opinion.

Here are the names of the artist who completed the Top 5 of MTV's "Hottest MC's In The Game" list. Ross taking home the top spot is definitely debatable, as Drake held his own and had arguably just as good a year. The videos below are the debates for each of the artist in the Top 5.
5. Lil Wayne
4. Nicki Minaj
3. Kanye West
2. Drake
1. Rick Ross

Check out the videos of the MTV debates below and also leave us your opinion.


  1. Wiz Khalifa? Big Sean? The rap game is sorry right now

  2. I agree with @Deidre, the rap game is water down right now. I bet none of these dudes can beat box lol

  3. Drake is better than Ross hands down

  4. I just checked the videos out. I thought Jay-Z still had a shot at the top 5 smh. but nicki minaj taking number 4 from weezy is interesting. Good info thanks brother

  5. Might not know much about the rap game...but the top five is basically who is hot right now!!For me that does not say much...they are pretty much just sitting at a round table (lol)saying "who's hot or not in this moment" in other words what is the radio playing..whatever happen to lyrical content!!...The only reason why Jay-Z is not in the top five is because he is taking some time to make a family (lol)...if Jay-Z comes out next year on fire...I guarantee you that he will be in the top five....Kinda of corny to me!!...

  6. The game has been altered by pop and commercial sales. True lyricts wont get any acknowledgement at this kinda round table. Although someof these guys can spit. The proabably lies with Nicki, Big Sean and maybe WALE. They are all entertainers and can make commercial hits. The culture started out in the park, if u couldnt freestyle and make sense u wasnt respected. and Drake is NOT better than Ross hands down. Fake or not Ross has the thee most consistent rapper for the last 3 years