Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Soo finally the time has come down to one game to recap the season. Yes this day presents mixed emotions, on one hand you are rejoiced to see the season conclude in such a competitive manner. Your grateful for the chance to celebrate with everyone that has been apart of the culture. The other feeling is an empty one, being that from here on out your Sundays will be dreadful because now you are obligated to do all things your partner wishes(lol).  You had a football day--pass all season for it was understood that this day was untouchable relieving you from all responsibilities. The amount of food that will be present today will be unbelievable, and its justified because, this is it baby! The alcohol intake will be borderline suicidal, especially if one of these teams happens to be your favorite.

So just who is your favorite team playing today? Both teams have fought hard to get here leading up to a heavily anticipated rematch. The New England Patriots have operated like a machine on offense all year, proving yet and still that they have a sound system in tact, and Tom Brady can use anyone as a target.
The New York Giants have clawed their way in again. They truly have defined the word of resilient as they refused to lose even when the odds are stacked against them. Eli Manning has proved he can perform on the big stage.

We just wanted to conclude the season, for we are sad as well to lose this connection with you on Sundays(lol). It has been a great season and the entertaiment was great.  The environment will be full of positive and negative energy...Yes Im Talking Football Sunday, Welcome!

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  1. Now that the tone is set lets play some football!!!