Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Discussion: Black On Black Crime

Living in Philadelphia isn't easy nowadays as the publics safety has become a daily issues. People are being killed at a alarming rate, leaving families of victims searching for answers. Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter has proposed a incentive system for individuals who report a stolen firearm or homicide. These are the measures that have been taken because of the high rate of shootings and killings in the city. The inner city and urban neighborhoods have adopted the "no snitching" attitude making some of the crimes difficult to solve.  We discussed the alarming rate of homicides being committed during our "Killadelphia: No More Brotherly Love..."  post.

Many officials believe the killings are isolated to the the minority communities. The numbers state, that the most killings are being committed by African-American males. The numbers also show that the victim of the killings, are mostly African-American males. So what are the factors of the murder rate in Philly's urban communities??? Some of the factors include: poor economy limiting the availability of jobs, declining scholastic performance and bad parenting, as some reasons for such viscous crimes.

Fox Philadelphia Mike Jerrick recently held a discussion panel named "Black on Black." The discussion debated the issues of relations within Philadelphia's African-American community. After viewing the discussion i was left feeling there really isn't a clear cut reason for the crimes being committed in the urban communities. Check out the discussion below and leave us your opinion on the troubling murder rate in Philadelphia.


  1. These young dudes are emulating what they write or hear in some of the rap lyrics. This to me is the biggest factot with people dropping like flys this year.

  2. too much tough talk not enough positive action. the murder rate is climbing in Philly we need more black males to step up!

  3. Hmmm...very interesting suggestion that "Anonymous" stated...I for one have changed my outlook on music over the last decade because as a MAN its hard for me to believe in many of the current entertainers. But I do think regardless of music's content, people need to be accountable for their own actions! It just doesn't help our culture if many of the faces on TV continue to glorify the negative aspects of reality!

    Its ashame our city crime rates are so high, because I feel like the citizens and the young men involved in these evil acts have so much potential...unfortunately they continue to have so much self-hate and no role models that we are here yet again discussing high crime rates!

    As a Philly native I am realizing its time to be apart of the solution!