Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Problems With The Parking Authority??

Soo here in this particular post we felt the need to entertain all the drama that comes along with parking your vehicle out here on these cold streets(lol). You better be careful where u choose to leave it, because the Philadelphia Parking Authority is on a vicious, relentless pursuit to obtain any extra funds you have lingering in your account. Now granted should you be foolish enough to park your car anywhere illegally, maybe you deserve to be fined and flooded with all kind threatening mail. Maybe your a good citizen who chooses to read all the signs and try to follow the given directions. Maybe you were downtown happily shopping, just so happens to lose track of time. You haul ass desperately down the street to your vehicle only to notice a stubby individual dressed in all blue punching some information into what looks like a large calculator. You plead, you give a sincere testimony on your whereabouts and how the clock just expired. Looking at you, showing no emotion this heartless person still writes a ticket. Now filled with rage, you suddenly become confrontational...Already with a few other tickets in your glove compartment, you figure you will take your chances in court. Hoping they show mercy on your situation

Now for those of you who have been lucky enough to avoid a trip down to 9th and Filbert, the environment is hostile to say the least. Once you enter the building your first thought is "damn how long is this gone take??"(hopefully you were smart enough to park in the parking lot). Your thoughts will be interrupted by all sorts of whining,complaining and bickering coming from the alleged violators waiting to fight the system. Vulgar obscenities will probably come from those individuals who have just been booted or towed. Oh my, what an empty feeling you have when faced with either of the two...Yes I have experienced both lol.
 Sitting for an hour or more is never fun, especially when you are finally called, the person in charge in the back really doesn't care what you have to say. Should you have evidence with you(pictures, maybe even a witness lol) I've heard you can come out victorious. Otherwise you are simply there to jump on a payment plan and prolong the inevitable...SMH

In conclusion we recommend that everyone who likes to wander downtown and other places that require a fee to park, avoid the street and use a parking lot. For you cannot escape the rape...Im Just Saying


  1. This kinda situation is getting out of hand Don't know if the city need the money or not. But we are sick of it!!

  2. Speaking as someone that has been to traffic court to fight a $301 ticket, I did bring pictures with me. The person could care less about the pictures I took, but the ticket was thrown out (thank goodness)! It was no fun waiting for my name to be called (all while listening to other people arguing). If i dring downtown I always park in a lot. Sometimes it's more money, but it' worth it to know that when I return to my car, it'll be there without a ticket on the window.

  3. Parking is a major issue for people that visit center city Philadelphia. Depending on the time of day you will not be able to "escape the rape." lol I'm just saying