Saturday, February 11, 2012

Melodic Euphoria: Platinum Mustache

Soo if we were to examine the dynamics of artistic music, I believe we would find that some imaginations have no boundaries. Some creations have no guidelines, allowing the listener to accept the evolution of expressive music. The band that dares to enter that realm is none other than Platinum Mustache. An Electric-Soulful group who's sound can be best described as a fusion of Raw Soul, a Dash of Funk with a Pinch of Rock. The presence of Hip-Hop and Pop takes the subtle back tone.

The Band members are as follows: Powda Valdez(Front Man Ny) Aaron Bliss (Lead Vocalist Nj), Asher Murray (Drummer philly) Nick Seditous(Background Vocals, Lead Guitar philly) Carter Fox(Bass philly)

The union began from the idea of an experiment that was created by members Powda and Aaron Bliss. 
Both were solo artist that actually had their own separate bands. Powda represented the Hip Hop/Rock band "Violent Sex" while Aaron Bliss represented  the R&B, Soul Pop band called "South City." Powda's suggestion  to merge the two bands into Platinum Mustache has proven to be a success.  With the home base being in Philadelphia, they have been working nonstop accepting all booking offers as fast as they have been coming in.  Going strong for seven year now, the group still can be labeled as innovative as they set trends for others to follow.

So I'm sure you are still puzzled by the name they chose...wondering what is a Platinum Mustache and just what does it mean? The name came from the idea that these artists are the main ingredient in sound that travels and lingers below the nose and above the lips...Also in a heated, sticky situation if one chooses to kiss a specific area..then you too can obtain a Platinum Mustache(lol!). Speaking of Situations, That just so happens to be the title of their new hot single.
Situations, has been well received from the public. Many supporters and followers call the song a smash hit, and it deserves national attention. The message pertains to the situations men face when dealing with women. For sometimes you love them and sometimes you hate them. The group is currently working to complete there full Album titled "Platinum Mustache The Philadelphia Experiment" scheduled to be released Summer 2012.
The new single situations is available for purchase on Itunes...You can catch an up close and personal live performance on Feb. 17th at the Millennium Music Conference and Feb. 24th at the Level Room Lounge located at 21st and Market Rittenhous Square Phila, Pa

Here are the Web Links to follow and listen:

In conclusion, lets journey together to open our minds and explore the creativity that is being presented. I too was skeptical upon hearing the name. Truth be told I now support the movement...I encourage the creativity and I personally like the music. Check out the tracks below and give your honest opinion.
Play Close Attention to the added video below titled "Baby Doll' For...To Express Is To Be Free...


  1. they music sounds good, imjustsaying keeps finding the talent!!

  2. Yo Finally! Creativity Breaks Through...Keep Going!!

  3. Baby Doll is Soo much Soul. Who is this? I follow websites full of music, i want this..Righteous I must say

  4. Goto there Facebook the band has a l
    ot of shows coming up all over

  5. These guys are different but i'm feeling them. They got a unique style

  6. This band is Grammy/Top 40 level musicianship and songs, that you just can't get enough of. Currently, they are in the first battle or phase, of Global Hard Rock Rising; a world wide battle of bands,with the finalist, performing at the famous Hyde Park, in London, England. Hip-Hop/R&B/Funk/Rock, all in one high intensity, cutting edge, local band. Their live performances, are of the best you will ever see. They will be a household name, very soon.