Thursday, February 23, 2012

In The Game Entertainment Presents...Code Bleu

Soo lets take a trip over the bridge to South Jersey to get a glimpse of a new up and coming rap group that appears to be comfortable driving in their own lane. Coming straight out of Willingboro, New Jersey Code Bleu has proven they are dedicated to the principals of loyalty, perseverance and success. Orginating in summer of 2008 the group consists of three young men who all share the same musical goals. They stand to entertain and create quality rap music that will appeal to the masses. Each member is unique in their own right, still coming together to give that urban appeal.

Eddie day aka "Logic" is the youngest in the group at 18. He best known for his lyrical display and his creativity behind the music. Phil Jackson aka "Khalid" is the oldest and can be viewed as the leader.  Calm and always in a laid back mood Khalid gives the group that mature feel. Jamal Moore aka "JJM" is quite the charismatic character, working behind the scenes wit the production of the videos. He consistently brings a high level of energy to the music, giving the fans a good feel for his personality.  All this talent is being groomed by the great Wilbert Hart(Orginal member of the Delfonics).

Hart still passionate about music created In The Game Entertainment, to keep his hands in the game. He has reached to these young men to ensure prosperity, passing on all the knowledge he has of the industry. Click here to get more details on the company along with some additional music by Code Bleu. Including the track "Yacht Club" featuring Will Hart himself.

Code Bleu is working hard to sustain a respectable music career in the rap game. They each vow to follow the key components to success, Hard Work, Sacrifice and Passion. Check out the video below to get a feel for their music.  Let us know how you feel.

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  1. Haven't heard from this group, the video shot in Philly? Not bad production is okay

  2. For More CB Projects visit:

  3. Love to hear from up and coming artists with a positive image. These young boys have a true raw talent that's a rare find these days. I can hear "17 and in Love" on the radio a summertime banger!!! Who can't relate to that song?! Another FAV is "Swag On" Love the video too. & they come from Legendary Roots?!? (Delfonics) Let's get these boys some airtime ASAP!!

  4. Love the flow of these guys. Good music, class all the way... Code Bleu is Hottttttt!

  5. The dancing is funny , lol The video looks professional tho

  6. Love the blog site. Good luck to the group I know you are in good hands.

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