Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't Gas Me Up...

Soo we were wondering if anybody has been paying attention to these increasingly high gas prices. Pain at the Pump is being felt all the across the nation. According NBCs Miguel Almaguer The average price of a gallon of gas is $3.56 a gallon, up 40 cents over last year and a record for this time of the year. Gas has become a major problem for the average citizen who chooses to drive because, now it has become a significant part of the budget. Ranging  anywhere from $250-$500 per month in expense pending on your vehicle. It has been talks for over a year now that its possible for the average price to reach $5 per gallon.

We feel the American people should be outraged to the point, that we all take a stand to protest and maybe even boycott all the gas stations. We proposed this to everyone who is able to participate: First park your car, then create a large sign that reads "Don't Gas Me Up" then you will stick this sign in your front windshield of your car. Allowing your car to have a voice, stating dont put anymore gas in me!!. This action will only show strength and unity sending a clear message to the oil industry, that we will not support these increases any longer.  With no usage of gas for about 14 consecutive days in America, this would then allow the oil industry to now feel the Pain at the Pump as we have.

Some blame the government and greedy lobbyist others say its the simple process of supply and demand. Either way it is a problem than many of us can relate to. As always, if we complain about a problem we like to give a solution. If you can join us in the "Don't Gas Me Up" movement. Park your car and get that sign in.... Im Just Saying!

Check out the video below for some details on the issue.


  1. We all know Americans will complain but won't do a damn thing..Its agood plan. With political humor. I like it!

  2. Gas is going to be just as much as a car note when u fill up for the month smh

  3. I like the idea of protesting the gas stations. The pain at the pump is serious

  4. Are u guys serious about this boycott? I mean this plan would take everybody to sacrifice people too selfish!