Sunday, February 26, 2012

Diddy Launching New Cable TV Network???

Sean "Diddy" Combs recently announced that he is the new owner of a television network. Puff continues to monopolize on the entertainment industry by launching his new "Revolt" network.  Diddy's "Revolt" cable network is geared around a revolutionary music theme. Combs made this statement during the announcement:
"The Revolt network will be a revolution in music on television, a place where artists and their viewers come together and engage with technology and social media."
 The Revolt network was picked up by cable provider Comcast, and will be available on their digital package in 2013. Comcast is making a strong effort to offer minority owned TV networks to their customers. Revolt was selected by Comcast to be "the first music network to truly leverage the power of social media, fueling the live music dialogue and influencing the music culture for the video-centric generation.” Basketball legend Magic Johnson also announced plans to launch his own television network(Aspire,) which will also be available on Comcast.

It's inspiring to see powerful African-American figures, attempt to make a imprint in all aspects of entertainment. Oprah Winfrey lead the way with the launch of her "OWN" network last year. Many expected "OWN" to take off but the network struggled its first year with viewership.  It is important to note that Oprah's lack of success, did not stop Diddy and Magic from joining the television network frenzy.


  1. This is a good move for Puff. I can't wait to see what The Revolt network is all about

  2. The big time moguls are stepping their game up with the cable networks. I'm interested to see what kinds of programming the channel will display

  3. Magic News dropped last week about his Network, I believe his was to show African Americans in a positive manner.. Guess not too many knew oh that