Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brand New Funk!: Supreem Da Rezarekta

Soo I know you wondering what is that smell...and why is it so strong? This strong odor happens to be the rebirth of the Brand New Funk. Brace yourself as you take your first whiff while you read this article. The focus is set on Supreem Da Rezarekta a highly energetic dynamic entertainer, who stands as the front man  for the Philadelphia based Funk Rock Hip Hop Band, Da Rezarekt. The band is on a short hiatus due to a medical issue, leaving Supreem with the daring task to embark on his solo mission.

Motivated and eager to accept the challenge, Supreem sought out to find some assistance with his project. Already having a keen sense of Funk, he was able to to enlist legendary Philly drummer Chuck Treece and Grammy Award winning producer David Ivory. This timely collaboration just smells like classic original funk.

Although Preem is still a member of Da Rezarekta and has been with a few successful bands and groups over the years, he is no stranger to standing alone. He and longtime friend and producer, Docta Shock, have brought you a solo Lp in the past titled Breathe. He is currently working on his solo master piece Lp titled Funk That, which is scheduled to be released this year. The album will be produced by David Ivory and Chuck Treece, with features from the talented Olivia Falcione, and the skilled Dj Xzotic D.

Should you ever find yourself in the audience while Supreem is displaying his talents on stage, fundafied can best describe your current state. The amount of energy he produces is insurmountable, as he makes it his priority to keep the crowd involved as well as entertained. I was very much pleased to witness the performance, grateful to get a whiff of that ole classic Funk

You can listen, follow and contact Supreem Da Rezarekta with the suggested link below:

Check out his live Funky Performance of "Can You Help Me"


  1. Big Props for keeping the Funk Alive!!

  2. Never heard of this cat, I live rite outside of philly When does he perform again and where?. I listen to alot of old school jazz blues funk etc

    1. Yo Supreem! This is definitely a good look! Keep It up Bro!