Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black History: Don Cornelius Presents...Soul Train

 Soo just as the month of black history comes in. A true entertainment pioneer checks out. We chose to honor the life and achievements of the late Don Cornelius today, for he played an integral part in the growth of music and broadcasting for African Americans.

Born on September 27, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois, Don Cornelius always possessed a charismatic attitude that was needed for show biz. He started his career at broadcasting school in 1966, which led to a job as a substitute DJ, filling in for other on-air personalities, and in the news department of WVON radio in Chicago.
Eventually making his way to television Don became a sports anchor and the host of A Black’s View of the News on WCIU in 1968.

Now motivated and decisive about his goal, he was able to create and help fund the production for a pilot show titled Soul Train. The show was a collaboration of soul, funk, r& b showcasing the art of dancing, performing along with short interviews on the popular artist at that time. Premiering on August 17, 1970 Soul Train would air on Saturday mornings instantly becoming a teenage favorite.
Cornelius was the host, and he always greeted you with his deep voice and his soulful energy.
Soul Train would eventually evolve and expand in all areas. The genre of music extended to Rock, Reggae and Hip-Hop giving the audience a chance to experience live performances. In 1987 The Soul Train Music Awards was introduced featuring Dionne Warrick and Luther Vandross as the hosts.
All the big names from Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle, LL Cool J to Whitntey Houston had to make a stop here for an appearance on the show was good for their reputation.

After a good run of almost 36 years Soul Train would be cancelled in 2006. By this time Don Cornelius was much older and he had begun to develop some serious health issues. He soon found him himself in the news for spousal battery and assault with a deadly weapon(2008). The events led to a nasty divorce between he and his wife.

Finally reports state that Don Cornelius committed suicide on February 1, 2012, with a gunshot wound to the head. May his Soul rest In Peace

Check out the video below, of the famous Soul Train Dance Line. Look out for Re-Run as definitely gets in his bag(lol)


  1. Nice Article! Not sure what happened to this man, suicide at the age of 75? sounds a bit strange, but possible. I pray he rests in peace. That Re-Run Guy is funny lotta shit shaking lol Im Just Saying!!

  2. lol Re Run is hilarious... But on the serious note why kill yourself. Only making your family mourn a unexpected death smh

  3. May Don rest in Peace, I grew up watching Soul Train, yes he did play a huge role role in blacks breaking into musical broadcasting.. Nice tribute