Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beyonce Offered $500 Million???

Simon Cowell has the news wire buzzing with changes made to his "X-Factor," television show on FOX. Cowell recently announced the firing of former judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Simon made the changes, as his show was slipping against "American Idol" in the ratings competition. With his show in dyer need of help, Cowell opened his wallet and reached out to r&b queen Beyonce. Rumor has it, Cowell called Beyonce on her Video Phone and offered the superstar a $500 million contract, to be a "everyday" judge on "X-Factor." $100 million a year, for a five year are the exact terms of the contract. Beyonce appeared as a mentor and performed a duet with the winner of the 2008 season of X-Factor. If Beyonce accepts the contract, it would make her the highest paid female entertainer in the world. Already being a multi millionaire, this deal would make Knowles and husband Jay-Z's combined income well over $1 billion.

Skeptics are saying, there is no way Beyonce accepts the offer because she is "bigger" than any "network" television show. The feeling is Beyonce would be stepping down a notch if she was viewed more frequently on TV. Is Beyonce that conceited, where she would leave $500 million on the table??? There are few scenarios where someone would feel the need to pass on $500 million dollars, but everyone is not married to Jay-Z.


  1. Beyonce better get that money and stop playing

  2. Now if she don't take the deal which I believe she will then she is fake to me...u got that big cuz u was humble so continue to be humble nd take the money!!