Friday, February 17, 2012

Balling: J.R. Smith To The Knicks...

J.R. Smith Playing In China
Soo things are really about to heat up in the Big Apple. This hot NBA news should keep New York Knicks fans optimistic about there chances to make a deep playoff run. We just received news that Knicks will officially add free-agent shooting guard J.R. Smith to the roster on Friday. We spoke on Smith's whereabouts in our Stuck Abroad post, giving the details of his controversial contract situation in China. Well his just became eligible to come back to the NBA as of yesterday.
Reports have it that Smith will be present at the Garden on Friday night, but wont make his debut until Sunday against the Mavericks. The Knicks will be required to cut one player to make room on their roster. Already Renaldo Balkman named has surfaced, being that his playing time has decreased significantly. Balkman has one remaining year at $1.8 million and could have been an amnesty casualty if the Knicks were still going for 2012 cap space.

The funny thing about this addition is the timing. Had Smith become a free agent 2 weeks ago Jeremy Lin probably would have been cut, for financials reasons because his contract wasn't guaranteed. Seems like that scenario just wasn't meant to be. Jeremy Lin's now has positioned himself as a town favorite taking control of the team with the absence of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudermare. Soo what happens now?

There are many subplots already bubbling here. First the public is eager to know, could and would Carmelo be able to come in and improve the team starring Lin-Credible? Now adding another aggressive scorer to the mix, can and will Lin be able to be as productive as he has been over the last five games?
What we do know is that Melo and Smith has pretty good history together as both were able to co-exist in Denver. They were teammates for a number of years developing an off the court relationship. We also know that Amare serves as no threat to the chemistry of to the team, proving in his first game back that he can fit right in.  Now we have the makings of a complete team with this year's signing of Tyson Chandler.
Should be exciting to watch to say the least, well will keep you posted play by post(lol).


  1. This will be a test to Mike D'Antoni Coaching skills. Talent as well as ego is there Just wat can and will he do ? lol

  2. JR looked good in his return to the NBA. He will help the Knicks with scoring off the bench

  3. The funny thing about this addition is the timing. stag do cork Had Smith become a free agent 2 weeks ago Jeremy Lin probably would have been cut,