Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Nasir Jones

Soo my conscious people love it when I talk like this...Yes, here in this article we chose to cover the dynamic style that Hip-Hop legend Nas possesses. In this segment we shall examine the true meaning behind his words and visualize the picture that he artistically creates in his music. We selected his most controversial album, which ironically has no title. The album was originally supposed to be titled Nigger, but he received so much negative attention behind the title that he chose to go untitled. Surprisingly  he did not change any of the music. So why would he represent such a controversial word??

The concept behind the album was to express and exploit all forms of ignorance. From the mental thinking to the physical action. He basically was saying throughout the album, that anyone who fails to educate themselves no matter their race or ethnicity on the truth concerning history,ancestry, politics and media news is considered a Nigger. Here are two particular songs that stuck out on the album where he uses some clever analogies

The first song is titled Project Roach featuring the Last Poets. The intro is strong enough as the Narrator attacks the notion that we need to have a funeral for the word Nigger. He states we need to resurrect brothers and sisters to change their mindset because Niggers like roaches don't die. You may find it strange, that Nas is speaking as, he himself is a roach in this song. He gives their habits, their wants and their needs.  Showing you the similarities between roaches and Niggers. Listen up below

This track right here may provide you with some humor but deep nonetheless. Again the entire album deals with ignorance, habits and all behaviors that come with. Titled Fried Chicken featuring Busta Ryhmes this track gets greasy,literally(lol). Here Nas and Busta both speaks on the addiction blacks have to Fried Chicken and Pork. Instantly Nas jumps in the driver seat, and speaks with passion to his favorite food as if it were a woman he desired. He leaves no rock unturned, as he tells all the angles and dangers that come with eating this type of food. Busta seems to be in heaven as he describes the experience of eating Ham. Listen closely below because the metaphors come fast.

In conclusion, we would like to apologize to anyone who took offense for the heavy usage of the "N" word. We felt it was necessary to use being that it was some  positive messages behind the music. In no way shape or form are we saying that Nas is a 100% correct is his findings, nor do we mean any disrespect to any of our African American ancestors that experienced the hard times that he speaks on. This topic is opinion based and is open for debate and discussion. Im Just Saying


  1. Hes a artist how can people be offended and if they are just dont listen right

  2. The definition of hip-hop legand 1)classic album 2)tell graphic storys 3)freestyle & battle 4)live long enough to go political. To sum it up we got Nas!! Good post imjustsaying.

  3. Now this is some ill shit rite here, good message for the music. He wasnt afraid to tackle the issue and give his opinion i can respect that. Im still not sure how I feel about the "N". But this article did broaden my horizon. I would love to to discuss it tho, hear more views.

    I just let my girlfriend listen to the FIRST SONG you guys used. She immediately asked 'Why is he rapping about roaches" Totally went over her head. These type of comparisons are just not for everybody.

  4. I love the fact that he is removing race and/or ethnicity from the word "Nigger"..That maybe a tough pill for some people to swallow, but Nas has always been able to come up with lyrics that have substance to it...making us think beyond what most Hip-Hop artists provide us with today!!