Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: Eminem

Soo on this edition of "The Art of Storytelling" we chose to decode the message in the music given by famous rap artist Eminem. Its no secret that Eminem has been somewhat of a controversial figure all throughout his career. It would appear that early is his career he was at war with white America and the effect he was having on their children, possibly because he spoke on experiences of heavy drug use and flirted with talks of suicide. 

The song Stan was chosen because it gave some insight on how he felt, he was being portrayed in the limelight. The songs gets pretty graphic, as an eager fan reaches out to Eminem through mail. This fan is obviously obsessive as he expresses his love and support for his favorite artist.  With no timely response, This fan named Stan now starts to show his negative emotions. Sending letters filled with frustration and anger. The song concludes with Stan becoming so enraged at disappointment with Eminem, that he trunks his pregnant girlfriend and drives the car off of a bridge killing everyone including himself.
Soo where's the message you may ask...Did in fact Eminem's raunchy graphic lyrics lead this man to such an evil act? Should Eminem be held accountable for speaking on things he has done or even fabricating some stories? Well it sounded to me that Eminem would beg to differ. My understanding from the story was that, if any individual who takes what an entertainer says literally and actually goes out to mimic any criminal sadistic act that they hear, then maybe...just maybe this person was mentally unstable to begin with. 

On Jay-z's Renegade, he again briefly visits the issue, this time he indirectly says that if good parenting is taken place at home then no one should be able to influence your child.

Let us know how you feel about the issue.


  1. I did not agree when people blamed eminem for their kids crazy behavior. The man is a great story teller but people, kids especially can't take these artist lyrics and apply it to their lives. Thats just plain old stupid

  2. Deep song bro, I wasnt sure how EM WAS TYING IT TOGETHER. I just felt dude was a sick individual, ands fans can get crazy Makes you think tho, Not sure how i feel about entertainers, not being responsible for fans reactions.....its a debatable issue

  3. I like this thought eminem over slim shady "my name is" or him coming at Britney spears, backstreet boys and color me badd smh Im Just Saying

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