Monday, January 16, 2012

Unsigned Hype: Ronald Reagan? The Actor?

When you think of Ronald Regan, you probably think of the former president of the United States, or the "crack" era lol. You certainly would not have guessed that "Ronald Regan? The Actor?" was a band. The band consists of three members: Chris Peselli, Travis Carson and Ryan Carey. These guys give their audience a fresh sound when they combine the: drums and keyboard along with an electric and bass guitar. Peselli described Ronald Reagan?THE ACTOR? as an instrumental, psychedelic, rock band. After watching a live show, I couldn't help but notice that most, if not everyone in attendance was nodding their heads and tapping their feet in unison. The band also samples various pop culture audio clips in their songs, making each track unique. When ask how they got the name "Ronald Regan? The Actor?," the bands answer was surprising. Peselli explained that the name came from a scene during the 2nd "Back 2 The Future" movie starring Michael J. Fox. Check out the live performances from the band below along with their other work at ReverbNation.


  1. I like the sound that these guys produce. I would be down to check out there next live show

  2. I like that this site keeps their material diverse. Keep up the great work

  3. I give all music a chance. especially those who take the time to play live instruments. I wouldnt mind checking these guys out in person. pretty cool change of pace for you guys