Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuck Abroad: J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith is playing basketball, like a man who locked himself out from the NBA. Smith is one, of a handful of NBA players who find themselves stuck in China, playing professional basketball. Smith signed a $3 million contract, making him the highest paid player, in the Chinese Basketball Association. Wilson Chandler, Kenyon Martin and Aaron Brooks joined Smith, signing contracts with no "opted out" clause. Meaning once the NBA lockout ended, these players would not be able to return to a NBA team. The aforementioned players decided the NBA season would be cancelled as they signed contracts with Chinese ball clubs. 

A different culture and being away from family and friends could drive anyone crazy. Smith is frustrated with his current situation and has found a way to channel his displeasure. He has taken his anger out on his opponents. J.R. Smith has averaged 21.8 points this season playing for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls. Smith's 52 point, 22 rebound and 7 steals performance against the Bayi Rockets, earned him the CBA Player of the Week. J.R. has also earned a reputation in China for "breaking ankles," with a vicious cross-over dribble move. Smith's CBA contract is set to expire this coming March; at that time he is free to sign with any NBA team. Rumors have surfaced that the New York Knicks will make a offer to the disgruntled player when he becomes available. 

Some would say that Smith is playing inspired basketball, I would say he is playing " angry ball." A player who is killing the competition, because he contractually locked himself out of the NBA. Check out the video below of J.R. Smith breaking opponents ankles, including Stephon Marbury!!!


  1. Yea this is crazy lol i mean how could he have known the nba was coming back he was trying to stay work

  2. J.R. should have had more faith in the union to get a deal done. Another thirsty athlete who did not manage the millions of dollars that he made already in the NBA.