Thursday, January 26, 2012

Killadelphia: No More Brotherly Love...

Soo as a Philadelphia native it saddens me to even report this kinda information. Its challenging to discuss, but its an issue that definitely needs immediate attention. Im sure you have been hearing the news of the homicide rate increasing daily. So far, since January 1st there have been 31 murder cases on the Philadelphia streets, its only January 26th. The 31st victim met his fate last last night as he was shot in the forehead during a drug transaction on Bridge Street near Torresdale Avenue. Reports have it that 2 men were seen fleeing the scene but no positive description has been made. The city is now on pace to top last years' staggering number of 324 homicides. Damn

It may be foolish to think that we can totally eliminate all the murders each year. Still it seems people would be more at ease if the acts didn't happen at such a rapid rate. Its becoming clear that the value for a human life has decreased over the years. Also it seems many of the senseless killings can be traced back to young black males.  According to the Philadelphia weekly the police statistics show that  Nearly 85 percent of people murdered in Philadelphia in 2011 were black. Ninety percent of all murder victims were male. Nearly 40 percent of murder victims were between the ages of 18 and 24, and 65 percent were killed at the prime of their lives: between the ages of 18 and 34.
Now Im not saying that blacks are responsible for all the crime in the city, Im Just Saying that the vicious acts, that continue to occur to one another needs to be addressed. So why does Philadelphia have a high murder rate?

One could say that a struggling economy, has put more pressure on the lower class than ever before.  The unemployment rate has risen, while money has become scarce. The result, you have individuals making brash risky decisions to try to either improve or maintain their lifestyle. Another input could be that rap music has influenced the youth to believe a false reality, painting a picture that criminal acts leads to a life of pleasure and luxury, never revealing the harsh consequence. The last input which just may conquer the previous one, is that good strong parenting has been absence in the home. The absence of strong parenting appears to have a negative effect on an individual, allowing them to be subject to all kinds of negative pressure.

So whats the conclusion here? Do you look to relocate from the danger that the city presents, leaving with a feeling that nothing can be done to fix this problem? Or do you now look to get more actively involved in your community serving as a positive figure, reaching out to all the individuals who are in need?

Check out the audio below, these rappers make an attempt here to address the issue of black on black crime.


  1. Great post. i feel like most young minority men have a "if you not the man, then u aint nobody" mentality and it's hurting our community. Young men will do anything for respect nowadays even kill smh. There is no regard for life at this point. Protect yourselves folks.

  2. Its weird because it seems like many people have been conscious about this exact issue all of January. Maybe the residents are growing tired and frustrated with these issues.

    To answer the conclusion question, well i believe its tuff u have to assess your situation, I personally dont feel that all these killing can be stopped overnight. Ill buy they can be slowed down. For that to happen it will take every community to hold everyone in it responsible...
    With the lack of money and added stress its tough.

    If you choose to stay and serve your community, you will need some help from prominent figures ye in Rap and sports...these guys are viewed as our heroes... The righteous people simply get no mass it fair? no could be the truth Im Just Saying

  3. Wow, those are staggering numbers! I believe all 3 reasons listed play a factor in increased crime/ murders in many inner cities. Being active in the community and helping ones is a great idea but as was already stated changes won't occur immediately. Based on the ages you indicated the community outreach should begin with boys in their early teens or even younger to get them on the right track early. Allowing them to see positive influences at an early age let's them know that there are others options besides what they hear Rick Ross and the rest of these clowns spewing through our speakers day in and day out.

  4. No church in the wild!! Folks have no moral base or values. God is foreign to them.