Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have A Lovely Day

Soo here we have an article that focuses on positive feelings. While researching on the web I came across this campaign, and immediately felt that it deserved our attention. "Have A Lovely Day'' is campaign that Hidden Beach Recordings has created to encourage a daily act of kindness. According to the new Science of  Happiness"If one commits an act of kindness then the body releases elevated levels if Serotonin. This same serotonin raising effect has been found in the recipient of acts of kindness. Most amazing of all is that by simply witnessing random acts of kindness will raise the serotonin levels in a viewer of the act."

Hidden Beach Recordings is an independent record label specializing in Urban Alternative, R&B, Soul, Inspirational and Contemporary Jazz music genres. They have brought you the likes of Jill Scott and Kindred Family Soul. Click here to view the entire campaign.

This news should serve as inspiration for to all, being that good deeds performed can only make the world a better place. To be conscious of this act daily can only strengthen your spirit and and create a peaceful Ora from within. Soo we ask, do you think you can commit one act of kindness per day?

Check out the video below as Jill Scott has remade Bill Withers' famous feel good song "Lovely Day"


  1. Hello, I have been following this bite for the past 3 months and I have been pleased to say the least with the variety of information. I will add these kinda topics attract me more. I love that you took the time to express this info....This is my first comment to any of the articles. To perform a daily act of kindness is a blessing in itself, Please continue to share this kind of information regardless of the attention it gets because as you see someone is always reading! Im just saying

  2. I love this article. With so much negativity going on in our world and of coarse right here in our city, Philadelphia this would definitely do some good.

  3. Great positive info! As anonymous said there is much negativity that we face daily and sometimes its difficult to keep a positive attitude. This is certainly something we should keep in front of us daily....smiles are contagious, kind acts reap positive results. This reminds me of a movement called Smove (Smile & Move). The premise is to be positive and more service-oriented. Wake up, be thankful, be approachable, complain less and smile more! :)