Friday, January 27, 2012

Comedy Corner: Peanut Live From The 215

For your laughing pleasure, we present to our audience "Peanut Live From The 215." Peanut is the funniest puppet, representing Philly. Peanut provides laughs for days from his personal everyday encounters. Peanut did time up CFCF, but is now back on the streets with his hilarious antics. Check out Peanut's video vlog on youtube or exclusively at You can also follow him on twitter @Peanutlive215. Check out the video below of Peanut's 2Pac "Juice" reenactment...

This video contains Explicit Language!!!


  1. This is too funny. Thank you for the afternoon laughs LMBO!!!

  2. Peanut is hilarious!!! This skit is too on point with the actual "Juice" movie.

  3. @Brandon No Doubt... We dig your site!!!