Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Ban The Box" Advantage For Ex-Cons??

Soo here we have some news that may sound helpful to some, but alarming to others. "Ban The Box" also known as The Philadelphia Fair Criminal Screening Standards Ordinance goes into affect tomorrow. This ordinance was signed into law back in April by Mayor Michael Nutter. It states that any business owner that employs more than 10 people, now cannot ask job-seekers if they have any criminal convictions on the applications or during their first interview. The courts, prisons and the Police Department are not required to follow these regulations.

According to the Daily News, once the first interview is complete employers are then allowed to perform background checks on applications and ask applicants whether they've been convicted of a crime. So really the law doesn't guarantee employment, rather it will get your foot in the door. Penalties are in place for Employers who violate the law. A warning will be issued for an employer's first violation, and they will have 30 days to correct the mistake. After their first violation employers are then subject to a $2000 fine for violation.

Will this law make a real difference for ex-connvict obtaining employment?...Will they still face the same level of discrimination after they complete the first process of interviewing? Are business owners now losing control of their hiring process?...Should employers have the right to ask your criminal history upfront?
Let us know your opinion


  1. its a good law to be enforced. a lot of people wont hire ex cons out of fear. i thought the goal was to be rehabilatated. Now i know we have repeated offenders out here, but everybody shouldnt be penalized because the emlployer is fearful. allow excons to prove themselves if not then change the law

  2. I believe that if you do your time and have paid your debt to society you need opportunities to be a productive citizen. The reason so many convicts go back to their old ways or worse is because they are never given a chance to do any thing different. Just another way to maintain the status quo andnkeep the black man down.

  3. This is a tough one...I can see both sides of the argument on this one...but the idea of having more than one interview when hiring someone seems like the way of protecting your business environment and in turn providing excons with a fresh start! Good topic!

  4. I agree with giving ex cons a second chance..Some may not have good intentions when being released but you have a lot of men and women who are looking to better themselves but do not have the opportunity after serving their sentence..We give them the opportunity to get their GED, and become educated while in prison but dont provide the resources to help them utilize what they have learned..These men and women could actually be the key to keeping some of these young kids out of trouble and showing them there is another way!!...It's a effective is prison if you cant change once you are out anyway!?!