Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tracee Ellis Ross Covers New Vibe Vixen (Dec/Jan Issue))

Tracee Ellis-Ross is the cover-female for the year end edition of Vibe Vixen magazine. Ellis-Ross discusses everything from he role as "Joan" on the popular TV series "Girlfriends" to her new role as producer of new BET series "Reed Between The Lines." In the Vibe Vixen piece, Ellis-Ross is asked if it's difficult to produce a show that she also has a acting role in... 
I wouldn’t say difficult, but it’s definitely makes for a long day. But it is the kind of full plate that I adore. I adore this kind of work and it’s very rewarding. The producer role very much plays into the kind of person I am. In the evolution of my career it is a really exciting step for me because I am the kind of creative person that has a real opinion about the kind of images that I want to portray and want in the public in general. So having a seat at the table with the many voices that is part of the collaborative art of television is really and exciting and wonderful for me.
Go get the years end edition of Vibe Vixen magazine at your local newsstand today.


  1. Grinding In All My TimeDecember 14, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Yo she still looks good nice figure too lol

  2. I adore Traci, I'm glad to see her career is evolving. I haven't had an opportunity to watch the new BET series but I need to start tuning in to support her.

  3. shes hot i like her style

  4. Yall females could learn something from this WOMAN... She is about her buisness

  5. I love this lady. She inspires all African American females to be goal oriented