Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian Gets $600k For New Years Eve Event???

Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian continues to get paid for her good looks. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star will bank over a half million dollars, to host a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas. It seems as though the recent divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries did not tarnish her image. Kardashian will reportedly be paid $600,000 to host the annual New Year’s Eve party at Tao club in Vegas. According to reports, Kim was paid $500,000 for the same hosting job last year. So you may ask why is she receiving a extra $100k this year? Apparently, Tao is also paying the reality TV star to make a few more appearances for them. Kardashian recently made these comments on Twitter...
“New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. Time to celebrate everything you’ve achieved in the past year and look forward to everything to come in the New Year… This New Year’s Eve, I’ll be celebrating at Tao in Las Vegas. I can’t wait!”
I bet she can't wait, with her bank account now $600,000 richer. Can I have a dollar Kim???


  1. Kim is worth a million dollars... She is beautiful!!!

  2. Kim aint nothing more than a high priced trick. Im just saying

  3. All i can say is this family continues to take advantage of each and every opportunity they come across! Much respect to their business minds! Most can't say they took hold of their opportunities as they have!

  4. Ditto to what Jessica said. However in an attempt to not be called a "HATER", I agree that she and her family have simply taken advantage of opportunities presented to them thus making them one of the most famous celebrity families. I just wish they would consider how their "reality" is affecting young girls and dare I say GROWN women alike. It's a false portrayal of real life IMO. They need to do better....oh but wait, they're Armenian so unfortunately they're not held to the same standards as us black folk! I'm just saying!