Monday, December 12, 2011

Is "Watch The Throne 2" A Possibility???

With the current success of the Watch The Throne tour, Jay-Z and Kanye look to carry their momentum into the new year. During a recent MTV interview, Jay-Z hinted at the possibility of a "Watch The Throne 2" album in 2012. Jay-Z also stated that you may get new solo projects from himself and West in 2012. A rejuvenated "Hova" had this to say during MTV interview...
“We — I say ‘we' because I'm in Throne mode — we're in a great place creatively. You might see a Jay, then Kanye and a Throne album next year. You know, we're really in a great place creatively. We really found our zone.”
The "Roc Boys" have claimed the "throne," and will look to defend their title during the new year.

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  1. Not sure if I would support another one of these albums..however I am most curious on the outcome they can create